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Bill Reagan


I was taught that honesty 

and integrity were two key ingredients in life that I should never forget. 


From the time I was 11 years old, I learned that by working hard and working smart, I would be able to both help other people and leave a legacy. I grew up in a small working-class suburb 17 miles southwest of Boston. It was there where my mother established in me the values of service, hard work, honesty, and integrity as the foundation that has remained with me throughout my life.


My mother was a residential realtor for over 30 years. She provided the needed monthly income, as my dad’s income was fluid. At a very young age, I witnessed how hard my mother worked and the commitment and dedication she had to her family and her career. I would often take my Maroon TAKARA 10-speed bike with the banana handles, that I had bought for $110 from the money I had made from my three paper routes my mother encouraged me to take on, delivering The Boston Globe, The Boston Herald and The Patriot Ledger and I would visit my mother at her office in the center of town. I saw how well-respected she was and how much others in the office relied on her in working with new clients.


One day, I asked my mother why the other realtors kept shorter hours and would often ask my mother for help. Her answer was two-fold. She told me that she was ALWAYS willing to help others even if it did not put money in her pocket, and that I should always do the same… and the reason she spent so much time in the office was to “stay in traffic,” which to me meant, the harder she worked, the more opportunities came her way and the more money she could make that allowed her to take care of us. I GOT IT! $$$$. My mother didn’t believe money bought happiness, rather it provided security.


I would often have an opportunity to meet some of my mother’s clients.  I remember one day after school, coming home and seeing a couple in my kitchen that I had met 2 to 3 years earlier when they had first moved into town. This time, they came to my mother for help in selling their home.


Because I had met them before, I felt comfortable enough to ask a very bold question, “I know that my mom helped you find a home when you moved into town, why did you come back to have her help you sell your home?” They replied, “your mother has more integrity than any other realtor we have ever met; we trust her.” I have never forgotten that moment.


As I look back over the past 32 years over my career in sales and sales management, I have constantly thought of my mother and the way she approached both her professional and personal life. She taught me that success was not going to fall in my lap, I needed to work both hard and smart to succeed. I was taught that honesty and integrity were two key ingredients in life that I should never forget. Finally, I learned that the best way to serve others is to help them solve problems that matter to them.


That’s why I do what I do.  


At Braintrust, we’ve discovered the science behind trust and decision making. We have created a methodology that allows salespeople to build trust faster and solve problems that matter to your customers. We will work with the same honesty and integrity my mother taught me and create actionable steps to help.

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