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Online Course 1: The Science of Customer Decision Making



There’s a science behind how every human being makes a decision.


How helpful would it be to understand the process your customers go through in their mind in order to make a decision? How do you make decisions?


It’s all built in hardwired into our brains.


Understanding the science behind decision making is critical and fundamental to creating a compelling message, building trust, and becoming a more influential communicator that helps your customers say “yes” faster.


Jeff Bloomfield, Founder and CEO of Braintrust, has spent the vast majority of his professional career helping coach sales professionals, marketing professionals and executive leaders on how to create strategies, compelling messaging and deploy the right tactics in their businesses in order to grow it faster.


Through this course, Jeff will help you have the knowledge and the information that you need to create a more compelling message, be a more influential communicator and develop trust that will inspire action and urgency to buy.

In the The Science of Customer Decision Making, you will learn:

  • The secrets of the buying brain and how the brain operates when it comes to decision making
  • Cognitive decision making biases that we all have and how they influence the decision making process
  • Barriers that all human beings have to change in how we can craft a message that helps overcome them
  • The science of trust and how we develop trust when it comes to taking the process through the buying decision and making sure it ends in the “yes”
  • The techniques and science of visual storytelling and how to apply those in a more impactful way in your message


This course will be very different than anything you’ve ever gone through in any of your previous business classes, sales trainings or marketing courses. Come along for the journey; you’ll be glad you did!