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Online Course 2: Neuroselling


[Suggested prerequisite: We highly recommend taking The Science of Customer Decision Making online course first, because the foundational elements of that science are paramount for you to understanding, applying, and maximizing the value of this course.]


We know that people buy from people they trust they trust people they like and they like people they connect with.


There’s a big difference between creating a genuine connection based on personal trust than what we may have been trained on as rapport building.


In this Neuroselling course, we take the principles of the Science of Customer Decision Making and we put them into an actionable and repeatable process, our sixt step Neuroselling model, that you as a sales and marketing professional can master.


If you follow the lessons in this course, you’ll be able to create connection, build trust faster, and overcome cognitive decision making biases to create an urgency for your customer to change. For them to make a decision to change, you must be able to present your solution as just that, a solution to the problem, not just a product that you might happen to be selling.


You will learn how to overcome objections and build connection through visual storytelling, as well as the repeatable and highly effective techniques taught through our six-step Neuroselling model.


Following the lessons and the steps in this course will help you be fully equipped to look completely different than any of your sales competitors in the marketplace. Join us and experience dramatic growth that allows you to accomplish your goals and have the best year ever!