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Programs For Companies

Re-evaluate the way you communicate with your customers.

How many different sales methodologies has your company attempted over the years? Why do you find yourself looking for a new “program” every couple of years? Because traditional sales methodologies don’t work. They are, for the most part, built from the same “old school” mentality…one that focuses on you and your product, not the customer and their problem. You spend so much time and money to “train” your teams and yet just a few short months and sometimes even weeks later, no one is adopting the “process”. Do you know why? Because they realize it’s not having a positive impact on their customer conversations.


It’s time to move into the next phase of sales and marketing evolution for your company. It’s time to implement a methodology that is built on science and biology. You can’t keep expecting your prospects to “change” when you haven’t given your sales and marketing teams any reason to change the way they are communicating with them.


When you partner with Braintrust, we teach your entire sales and marketing organization the neuroscience of customer decision making and then help them implement a proven process through our programs to build and deliver more effective messaging to your customers.

Neuroselling Program

Audience: Field sales teams and sales management


Details: In an exclusive and intimate group setting (20-25 individuals at a time), you will get hands-on training and coaching from the Braintrust experts. Over the course of 2-days, you will learn how the power of neuroscience and visual storytelling techniques can completely change your selling approach and drastically improve your customer relationships (and sales results!)


What to expect from this program:

  • Learn the power of connection as a sales person
  • Understand the science of trust (connection & credibility)
  • Learn the secrets of the “buying brain”
  • Create insights that challenge status quo
  • Learn how to create contrast through quantification
  • Be able to clearly articulate value through differentiation
  • Use visual storytelling techniques throughout the customer conversation
  • Increase commitment, decrease discounting
  • Rebuild your sales presentation to follow your newly created “buying brain” message


Audience: Marketing, Sales and Training leaders responsible for creating the customer facing messaging


Details: Nothing is more important than getting the message right. This 1 ½ – 2 Day session brings your key stakeholders together to learn the Braintrust methodology and then roll up your sleeves to create all the necessary insights based narratives that will help drive the organizational storytelling from marketing & prospecting to the customer conversation with the sales team.


What to expect from this program:

  • Learn the secrets of the “buying brain”
  • Ensure that you have identified your ideal buyer
  • Define buyer objectives and challenges
  • Discover proper insights to challenge status quo
  • Create effective visual storytelling techniques to present insights
  • Clearly identify your differentiators
  • Build an effective insights storyboard for your sales team

Neurocoaching Program

Audience: Sales and Marketing managers


Details: A program, process or methodology is only as good as the team’s ability to execute. In order to that, we know all people need good coaching. In this 1 ½ day session (if managers have gone through Neuroselling) or 2 days (if not) you will learn a coaching process that mirrors the “neuroscience” approach used in the customer conversation. Your coaches will get hands-on training and coaching themselves from the Braintrust experts. You will learn how the power of neuroscience and visual storytelling techniques can completely change how to give feedback, do 1:1 sessions (including ride alongs) and become a more motivational leader to your team.


What to expect from this program:

  • Learn the power of connection as a coach
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the science of influence
  • Create coaching stories that inspire change
  • Develop a strong framework for creating “buy-in”
  • Create a development plan based on a mutual strategy with your team
  • Use visual storytelling techniques to get a strong commitment to change

Interested in working with us? Our Braintrust Team is excited to help you conquer your growth goals with the power of neuroscience!