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Live Training

Hands-on, in-person sales training for individuals.

If you came here looking for traditional sales training, you’ve come to the wrong place. Traditional sales training does not work. Instead, you need to learn how the mind of your customer actually works and an effective way to communicate with your customer’s “buying brain” that creates instant trust and drives urgency to change.


What problem are you trying to solve? More sales, correct? How much more? What is the revenue gap between where you are or were to where you need to be this year?

[How much you sold last year][Your sales goal this year] = [The size of your problem]

For example, it’s quite common for our clients to have $1M or more average territory goals. It’s also quite common for those goals to increase by 20% year over year. So $1,200,000 (this year’s quota) – $1,000,000 (last year’s sales) = $200,000 problem that must be solved.


We can help you do just that and get this…we guarantee it! You read that correctly. We don’t just “train” our clients, we equip and coach them to succeed and stand behind the results. If you’d like to learn more about our guarantee, send us a note and we’ll send you the details.

workshop details.

In an exclusive and intimate group setting (20-25 individuals), you will get hands-on training and coaching from the Braintrust experts. Over the course of 2-days, you will learn how the power of neuroscience and visual storytelling techniques can completely change your selling approach and drastically improve your customer relationships (and sales results!)

  • Learn the power of connection as a sales person
  • Understand the science of trust (connection & credibility)
  • Learn the secrets of the “buying brain”
  • Create insights that challenge status quo
  • Learn how to create contrast through quantification
  • Be able to clearly articulate value through differentiation
  • Use visual storytelling techniques throughout the customer conversation
  • Increase commitment, decrease discounting
  • Rebuild your sales presentation to follow your newly created “buying brain” message

What do the two days look like?

Day 1


  • The keys to change: Learn the barriers to change and how to overcome them
  • The science of trust: Learn the neurochemistry of trust and how to quickly create connection with customers
  • The secrets of the buying brain: Understand how your customers process information to make decisions
  • The six limbic levers: Learn how to bypass the skeptical part of your customer’s brain
  • Story Based Selling: Learn how visual storytelling techniques leverage the “buying brain” most effectively

Day 2


  • The Braintrust Story Selling System: Learn our six step customer conversation model that follows the brain’s natural decision making process
  • Development of each “story” for each “step”: Create unique, compelling and personal messaging for each step in the model
  • Assembly of your new customer conversation: Take your newly created messaging and build it into the Braintrust customer conversation roadmap
  • Practice your delivery, coaching & feedback: Get in the moment feedback from your peers and Braintrust coaches to ensure you’re ready to take your stories “prime time” with customers

Interested in learning more? Have additional questions?