The Role Leaders Play in Employee Development Planning

A leader plays a crucial role in employee career development planning. Great leaders have the ability to balance Directional leadership (getting things done) with People Focus (inspiration, motivation, empowerment).  Here are several key aspects of that role:  1. Mentorship, Coaching and Guidance: Leaders act as coaches, offering advice and sharing their own career experiences to […]

Improving Promotional Effectiveness in Life Science Brand Marketing

Effectiveness in promoting pharmaceutical products is a crucial focus for marketing and sales leaders in the life science industry. A quick search on Google yielded over 92 million potential sources of information on this topic. Here are key insights and factors I found during my research: Relevance: Messages must address the specific needs, concerns, and […]

Why Your Hiring Strategy Might Be Failing

Regardless of the business, leaders are continually challenged by hiring the best talent to increase a company’s efficiency, productivity, and results.   For me, this meant spending years collaborating with numerous commercial leaders identifying the critical capabilities necessary for a new hire to partner with healthcare providers. During this time, we built and rebuilt job descriptions […]