Your business lives and dies by your customer conversations.

Shouldn’t you have those conversations down to a science?

In his latest book, NeuroSelling, sales & marketing expert Jeff Bloomfield shares his unique blend of science and story as he shows you how to master your customer conversations using the latest scientific research in the biology, psychology, and physiology of the ‘buying brain’.  His proven NeuroSelling methodology has added millions of dollars in top-line revenue for companies ranging from the Fortune 100 down to the small business around the block.

Coming Soon: NeuroCoaching

Are you providing your managers at every level, from entry-level to top executives, with effective communication training through coaching techniques?

With the constant evolution of technology, leadership and coaching methods are also changing. Amidst all the distractions, one constant remains: the crucial need for building strong internal relationships through purposeful coaching conversations that lead to lasting high performance. If you’re unsure whether this is necessary, consider the widespread problems of employee engagement, personal development, and retention that many companies face worldwide. 

NeuroCoaching presents a synthesis of 30 years of practical experience, extensive research, and implementation. The book covers the intersection of neuroscience, behavioral psychology, the power of a shared vision, the art of situation-specific conversations, and the elements that contribute to a positive coaching climate.

Performance Driven Training Companies Of The Future Look Like Us

Don't take our word for it

If you are looking for ELITE growth partners for your company, look no further than the team at Braintrust. I was fortunate enough to be introduced to them about 15 months ago and this team has made an incredible impact on our sales, marketing and operations teams.

Matt Aston, CEO GPRS

It became very apparent early on that Braintrust could really help us grow our business. Their attention to detail, structured programs, project management, commitment to the partnership and execution of deliverables has been second to none. As a result, we progressed from what was initially a marketing consulting agreement to a fullblown partnership including NeuroMessaging, NeuroSelling, and NeuroCoaching for the second half of the year.

Brandon Sorensen, VP Sales & Marketing, Dynapower

NeuroCoaching™ helped my team translate neuroscience principles into a practical model that will have a sustaining impact on team member development and performance. We were looking for a sustainable coaching model and we got it. As a team, we crystallized a foundational vision for our business unit, each leader, and our employees. The program will take us from a good company to a great leadership organization. Thanks to the Braintrust team

Tres Johnson, VP of Psychiatry Sales, Lundbeck