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About Braintrust

It’s not rocket science.

It’s neuroscience.

Our “Why”

We exist to positively impact the world by helping people communicate with more purpose, power and impact.


How Do We Do That?

By translating the complexities of neuroscience into a practical communication methodology that drives change and increases performance.


What Do We Actually Do?

We help both enterprise level organizations (above $500M in revenue) and Mid-Market Private Equity portfolio companies ($50M-$500M) increase the velocity of revenue growth utilizing our core programs:


NeuroMessaging™ (Designed to help you create a better story)

NeuroSelling® (Designed to help you tell that story with more consistency and effectiveness)

NeuroCoaching™ (Designed to create accountability and sustainable results)

Velocity™ (End to End PE Portfolio Company Growth program utilizing advances in digital marketing machine learning as well as our core customer conversation programs above…essentially mastering the modern buyer journey)

Our Team


Jeff Bloomfield

dan headshot cropped

Dan Docherty

Franc headshot cropped

Franc Godri

Managing Partner  (Canada)

Jeff Bittner

Director of Operations
Jenny D. Image

Jenny Dougherty

Director, Client Experience
Kamel Image

Kamel McCray

Sr. Director, Client Development
Joe Masi

Joe Masi

Matt D Image 5

Matt Dentino


Anthony Mussari

Digital Marketing Manager

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