Joshn Nugent

Certified Coach

Success is not just about personal achievements, but about serving others to help them perform at their highest potential.

Throughout my journey as a high school basketball coach, I’ve always strived to bring out the best in others. I’ve been fortunate to play for and work with coaches who have painted a picture for what that looks like in my playing days and coaching career. One of the coaches who has had a significant impact on me is Joe, an assistant coach and mentor in the early stages of my coaching career.
Let me tell you why.
Family is incredibly important to Joe. When we started coaching together, his kids were always by his side. One of the lasting memories of our time coaching together is a picture of his 4 year old son in the huddle with our team.  Joe made sure to involve his family in the work as much as he could, showing them the value of teamwork and togetherness.
Joe is also incredibly competitive. He’s an amazing speaker, but his skill doesn’t come easily. He is disciplined in his craft and puts in endless hours of preparation for his presentations. He always talked to our teams and his own kids about making each day your masterpiece. The competitive spirit he displayed was intrinsically driven with a mindset to always be curious and to bring your best every day.  Witnessing his hard work and dedication inspires me to this day.
But what truly sets Joe apart is his willingness to contribute to others. Recently, I asked him to help my brother with a situation he had expertise in. Even though their relationship was one step removed from ours, Joe gladly made the time to offer advice and support. He genuinely cares about helping others, whether they are close to him or not.  He proactively seeks out opportunities to serve others.
Joe’s influence has shaped my coaching style and has helped me realize that staying competitive and disciplined in our pursuits and strengthening our relationships can lead to unrivaled results. I’ve learned that success is not just about personal achievements, but about serving others to help them perform at their highest potential. He has shown me that the most meaningful way to succeed is to help other people succeed. I work to bring these values of family, competitiveness, contribution to others, and influence to all of my Braintrust clients.