Matthew Terry

Technology Partner

So that brings me to today, I hope to help the little guy.

I went to school to be an aerospace engineer. Everybody says I strayed far from my path, but I never thought so. I went to the University of Cincinnati – a large school, with multiple large lecture halls, most for engineering. Thousands of students were all smart but they were stuck on this idea that you had to go to school, get A’s, get a job, and then go to work. It didn’t feel right to me.

That’s when I met Dr. Cohen, the dean of aerospace engineering. He was different from the rest. He didn’t come from a wealthy background. He worked on an apple farm to pay for college. And he didn’t go to school just to get a job. He genuinely loved learning and was passionate about what he was studying. 

Dr. Cohen’s story blew my mind. He was brilliant, but more importantly, he was caring, happy, and dedicated to solving problems. One day, he and the head of the research department pulled me aside, looked me in the eyes, and said that they wanted to invest in me and give me the resources I needed to be successful. They paid for my grad school studies in AI. Funded my well-being as I continued down the startup route. That struck a huge cord for someone to even think of me in this way.

So that brings me to today, I hope to help the little guy. The person who needs crucial resources to be successful, but can’t pay for them or doesn’t have enough time to learn. And technology is the best way to deliver those resources. You see all these tools that help people build websites at the snap of a finger. Or beautiful marketing content with a click of a button. But when it comes to sales, most are left high and dry. And not even sure where to start. This is why I’ve set out to redefine sales coaching and create seamless, personalized, and trustworthy digital sales experiences.