Are too many of your sales reps missing quota?

Not enough revenue growth or top-line sales? Too many missed cross-selling opportunities? Is the length of your sales cycle increasing?

Over 80% of Companies Say Sales Training Did Not Work For Them

We’ve solved that problem…with Neuroscience and we’re willing to back it up with a performance guarantee. 

Do your customers see your sales team as different?


Deals Lost

72% of B2B sales deals end in "No" or "No Decision"


Feel Misunderstood

87% of clients feel salespeople do not comprehend their wants


Lack of Trust

Less than 33% of salespeople are viewed as trustworthy

How Is Braintrust Changing The Customer Conversation?

Our NeuroSelling® methodology takes your current sales process and optimizes it so your Sales Reps understand fully how and why your customers make decisions. This allows your Reps to be situationally fluent in every conversation and maximize every interaction.

Our NeuroSelling® Sales Enablement Approach

From strategy to execution, we’re there with you every step of the way.


Develop the Right Messaging

How well do you really know your customer? We will help you better understand your targeted customer, their change motivations, and buying triggers through a very unique and empathic process that ends in creative customer-centric storyboards.


Deliver the Right Skills Training

Our training sessions (delivered live or virtually) are designed to teach, train and certify your sales team to consistently communicate the right information, in the right way, and in the right order.


Create Sustainable Results With Reinforcement Coaching

Teach, train, and equip your sales managers to be expert performance driven coaches of the NeuroSelling® methodology.

Performance Driven Training Companies Of The Future Look Like Us

Don't take our word for it

If you are looking for ELITE growth partners for your company, look no further than the team at Braintrust. I was fortunate enough to be introduced to them about 15 months ago and this team has made an incredible impact on our sales, marketing and operations teams.

Matt Aston, CEO GPRS

It became very apparent early on that Braintrust could really help us grow our business. Their attention to detail, structured programs, project management, commitment to the partnership and execution of deliverables has been second to none. As a result, we progressed from what was initially a marketing consulting agreement to a fullblown partnership including NeuroMessaging™, NeuroSelling®, and NeuroCoaching™ for the second half of the year.

Brandon Sorensen, VP Sales & Marketing, Dynapower

NeuroCoaching™ helped my team translate neuroscience principles into a practical model that will have a sustaining impact on team member development and performance. We were looking for a sustainable coaching model and we got it. As a team, we crystallized a foundational vision for our business unit, each leader, and our employees. The program will take us from a good company to a great leadership organization. Thanks to the Braintrust team.

Tres Johnson, VP of Psychiatry Sales, Lundbeck

You Ask. We Answer.

We'll always shoot you straight.

What does your typical engagement look like?

All engagements begin with an exploration into the goals of your organization. Based upon that discovery, we will collaborate with you to co-create the right program to meet your needs and achieve your goals, whether sales (NeuroSelling®), coaching (NeuroCoaching™), or a customer support team (NeuroServing™). All programs have a strong core of application and activation, which includes skills training and 1:1 coaching.

Believe it or not, yes we do! With agreed-upon baseline metrics/KPIs as well as 12 months of reinforcement coaching as part of the engagement, if an associate or associates in the organization do not achieve the desired, agreed-upon measurable improvement, Braintrust will continue to provide 1:1 coaching for that associate, at our cost, until they achieve the desired performance and improvement or until the company decides that the individual cannot meet the standard.

Engagements vary significantly depending on the type of program and the number of associates included in a program. As a foundation, it is safe to expect a minimum investment of $100,000 and for our larger clients, we have delivered engagements of over $1M+. Bottom line, we can support engagements of multiple sizes in numerous industries.

We have built a unique combination of Academia (Ph.Ds), past Enterprise B2B Executives, and world-class certified coaches and facilitators that have delivered thousands of hours of Braintrust-certified content. Our executive team held senior-level positions in multiple industries in previous organizations prior to joining Braintrust. We have a combined 112+ years of B2B Leadership experience on our team.

As with the investment question, engagements vary depending on the type of program, However, our live training sessions are never longer than two days, our virtual sessions are typically two hours or less and our 1:1 coaching sessions are generally an hour.

Yes! In fact, we conducted a 12-month study with one of our clients to assess the return on investment from our NeuroSelling® program. 108 out of 135 sales representatives showed an increase in total revenue over baseline. Total revenue across the group increased by $615,816 per month and over a 12-month period, total revenue increased by $7,389,792 versus baseline. For additional details, please click on the link to access and download the report here.