Active Listening vs. Hearing – Do you know the difference?

Does the title of this blog capture your attention?  There is no doubt that this is a tough one for me. In the essence of humility, I have often struggled with the difference between listening and hearing. People have asked me the question, “Are you a good listener?” and I would answer yes even though […]

A Janitor and The Class Reunion

If you could… would you go back to high school? I’m not sure of your experience, but I wouldn’t go back even though I enjoyed those formative years. Fortunately, there is the historical tradition of a class reunion that allows all of us to see old friends, tell stories, and reminisce about the good, the […]

Emotional Contagion

As we have lived through the last three months, all of us have been impacted by emotionally charged messages. From the words and warnings of our leaders forcing us into isolation, to the stories of resolution and bravery from our first responders.  Over this past weekend, news stories from around the country have demonstrated how […]

Virtual Pictures

Here we are closing in on the end of May, and many of us have been at home hosting or sitting on virtual calls at an unprecedented pace. I went back and looked at my calendar over the past four weeks, and I have either hosted or sat on the following technology platforms: Zoom, Microsoft […]

Checklists – A Powerful Tool for Change and Execution

       “Boost – Check – Change – Check – Rich – Hot – Both – Try Start – No Start – Mayday – Mayday – Mayday – Land The Plane”.          For those of you that have taken flying lessons, you will fondly recognize this or some form of it. It is what we, in the […]

Why Repetition Improves Performance

As a college athlete, I played football (for my European friends, the American version of football) at the position of cornerback. My job was to defend against some of the fastest players on the opposing team – the wide receivers.  Back in the day, a cornerback was one of the positions called a “Hero or […]

Engagement: “Boss” or “Coach”?

Over the past four years, I have been studying, researching, and learning about the complex topic of employee engagement within US corporations. As a coach, let me ask you 2 quick questions: Does a lack of employee engagement keep you up at night?  Are you actively involved in impacting employee engagement?  Our blog is all […]

Purpose – Thanks Salvation Army

Mastering the Customer Conversation Do you ever think about how purpose is truly the backbone of your customers’ business? How much do we really know about what is at the core of their business or what is at the heart of the companies they serve? What drives their purpose?  This is our last blog of […]

Solutions – Who is the HERO in your customer conversation?

Mastering the Customer Conversation Ok, here it comes. If you go to the movies or turn on your TV, you know that it is holiday movie time. Potential blockbusters are hitting the theaters, and classic holiday movies seem to be on every channel. At a recent operations meeting within our office, we were discussing great […]

Driving Change – Understanding Your Why!

In our training sessions at Braintrust, we often show a picture that illustrates a caterpillar going through the change to a butterfly. We will ask our participants to tell us what they are looking at. We will immediately have someone say, that is a picture of a caterpillar. Someone else will then say, it is […]