The Top 3 Barriers to Small Business Growth

8 Minute Read When you consider the true barriers to growth for your company, what are the primary topics that typically come to mind? Is it a lack of sales or sales growth? Not enough funding? Employee retention issues? True knowledge of the customer? The list may go on and on but having worked with […]

The Influence of Relaxation

The business of relaxation has been around for a long, long time, but over the last several years there’s been a massive shift in the landscape. Commercials on TV promoting apps that help reduce stress, radio advertisements touting nature sounds to calm drivers heading to and from work, promotions for outdoor travel and vacation get-aways […]

Why Your Values Can Help Prevent Burnout

When you consider the idea of “resetting” or “a reset”, what does that mean to you? A few weeks from now, I have an opportunity to spend a long weekend at a Men’s retreat.  I have gone to one of these in the past and enjoyed it so much that I’m heading back, but this […]

The Types of Questions Your Customers Are Tired Of Hearing

Not long ago we were having a training session with one of our clients as we worked through a small portion of our NeuroQuestioning Program.  It’s a program designed to help sales professionals and customer service individuals learn and understand how the brain reacts to specific questions when asked.  One exercise we have everyone work […]

The Question To Finish All Conversations

Sometimes, one question can change the entire dynamic of a conversation by eliciting information that otherwise would have been left unsaid or missed.  If you have ever heard the statement, “Finish Strong” then this particular article will apply well to you. In my years of teaching questions inside both Customer Support and Sales Teams, so […]

The One Question to Ask When Your Prospect Says “No”

Have you ever had a prospect say “no” before you even explain who you are and what you do?   Saying no, especially if they did not initiate the conversation, is human nature.  Most of the time they don’t even know what they are saying no to.  Typically, an instant “no” happens because you are […]

Why Companies are Failing to Duplicate Great Sales Professionals

Last month, Indeed put out a list of the main characteristics that make up a great salesperson.  They make the statement that, “It’s said that it takes a unique type of personality to succeed in sales, possessing most of if not all the following characteristics.”      The list they compiled was composed of the […]

Why Sales Teams Are Struggling to Perform in 2021

Over the last year, 2 dominant themes have surfaced for most businesses; almost regardless of industry.  First is supply chain issues worldwide and the impact on ordering and logistically receiving raw materials and products.  The second is people, in particular, hiring, developing, and retaining staffing.  The global pressure to find not just employees, but good […]

The Formula for GREAT Questions

How do you create a GREAT sales question?  That’s easy…you intentionally structure the question so it shows understanding, a focus on them, and empathy. Over the last several weeks we have been dissecting Walt Whitman’s quote, “Be Curious, Not Judgmental” and how it pertains to Sales Questioning.  As we wrap up this series of blogs, […]

The GOOD Question Killer

Have you ever found yourself in a moment where you incorrectly judged a situation because you chose not to be curious?   Yep, me too.  I have also learned that prejudgment can come at a cost.   I remember a few years back I had a young woman interviewing for a telemarketing position at my old […]