The Impact Value of a Question

When you are preparing to meet with a new client, everyone has their own little rituals they go through prior to that sales conversation.  Some sales professionals take a few minutes to: focus on key points go for a quick walk or sit in the car listening to music to clear their heads,  shake their […]

What is a “Good” Customer Question

Let’s start by identifying what a “Good” customer question is…  A “Good” question is effective at getting information that helps steer the conversation where you want it to go and also shows the recipient that you understand them and/or their goals/challenges. A few weeks back our firm was in the process of selecting a new […]

What is Instinctive Elaboration

This morning I was at my desk working on a “heads down” project.  You know the kind…where you are focused on nothing but the project at hand.  As I was working through a spreadsheet, a colleague of mine stepped in and asked me this question… “Hey Jeff, have you seen the new Justice League movie […]