How to Use Visual Storytelling in Your Sales Calls

Humans love visuals. Why do you think feature-length films and video streaming services are so popular? When storytelling is presented in a visual medium, something changes in the human brain that fires on all cylinders and activates areas deep within our brain that allow us to deeply process information. Storytelling in sales and marketing is […]

3 Reasons Sales Leaders Are Losing Their Jobs

[When I was back in corporate America, I remember moving from one role to the next in order to learn as much as possible and “climb” my way up the corporate ladder. I’d move from the field to marketing, to sales management, back to marketing, then to a higher level of sales leadership, all the […]

The “My Why” Story

Everyone likes a good storyteller, right? As humans, we are drawn into a great narrative, and if executed correctly, great things can happen. What about in sales? Why not tell your customer a great story about someone other than yourself, in order to build trust along the sales journey? In this episode, Jeff discusses: The science […]

3 Reasons Your Sales Reps Miss Quota

Recently, I was filling my truck up with gas and went into the Shell station convenience store to get something to drink. There I was, standing in front of the open cooler door staring at seven rows of various brands of bottled water. Instinctively, I reached down and grabbed the 2 for $2 generic brand […]

The Barriers to Change

Everyone likes change, right?  Not so fast.  Humans may adapt well to change but when change is forced upon them, things don’t go as smoothly.  Since we are self-preserving beings, forced change can be terrifying, and it also kicks our survival instincts into gear. In our fourth episode, Jeff gets into: The concept of change […]

Great Leadership: Connection or Credibility?

[We have all worked with leaders that are on different parts of the “greatness scale.” Some landed on the high side and inspired us to work better, harder and faster. Those on the low side had us brushing up our resume. What was it that made the great leaders so great and the others not-so-great? […]

The Brain Chemistry of Trust

Get ready. This episode of the Science of Sales podcast will explain some things you instinctively felt, but never knew why, and can help you tap into the science behind creating authentic, deep relationships. In this episode, Jeff discusses: How connection takes an old adage to a whole new level What chemicals like oxytocin and […]

How Adopting From India Reinforced My “Why”

To my normal audience out there who might be used to articles and information on sales and marketing, I am taking a bit of a detour to share something a little more personal. My hope is that by the end, you will have found something in this article that inspires the “inner you” as well. […]

Cognitive Biases in the Sales Conversation

In the second episode of the Science of Sales podcast, we dive into some of the biases that your customers are predisposed to before you ever engage with them. These are important to understand because they will better inform what can feel like illogical responses to a seemingly perfect sales pitch. In this episode, we […]

Are You Getting Left Behind? The B2B Social Selling Wave

In 2002, Reid Hoffman and a few of his buddies came over from Paypal and SocialNet to start a networking site called LinkedIn. They knew people had extensive networks of people with whom they had built trust over several decades. After all, people buy from people they trust. What started with just 6,000 users the […]