Cognitive Biases in the Sales Conversation

In the second episode of the Science of Sales podcast, we dive into some of the biases that your customers are predisposed to before you ever engage with them. These are important to understand because they will better inform what can feel like illogical responses to a seemingly perfect sales pitch.

In this episode, we will dive into:

  • Six of the cognitive biases that might be affecting your customers’ decision-making
  • How understanding the Risk of Loss bias can help you understand some of our most natural tendencies as human beings
  • What the Anchor Effect is and how to overcome it in a sales conversation
  • How we experience Confirmation Bias in our everyday lives and why your prospects are likely influenced by it when presented with new information

And so much more! This episode is PACKED full of awesome strategies and tools that will have a significant impact on your business when leveraged in your sales conversations. Hope you enjoy it, and let us know if you have any questions!

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