The Secret To Being A Great Coach

When you look back on the culture that has been developed throughout 2023 at your current place of work, how do you feel it ranks in comparison to others in your industry? I’m asking for two reasons. First, because I care. Second, because at Braintrust, we know a key ingredient to creating a healthy Coaching […]

Emotional Intelligence & Performance

Are we becoming more emotionally intelligent? Undoubtedly, we are becoming more Artificially Intelligent [thanks, ChatGPT], but how about EQ? When we listen, read, or watch the news, we can find strong evidence that we are, in fact, NOT becoming more emotionally intelligent. When we think of high-quality relationships and performance, how do we leverage decades […]

Any Dream Will Do

At times, I’ve had people say to me something like, “dreams are soft” or “don’t make them a focus within coaching.”  I couldn’t disagree more.  So then why should we as leaders and coaches lean into dreams?  Here is a simple answer: They give us hope and they are worth pursuing. This past weekend, I […]

The Two Elements Needed To Inspire Others

For those of you that partner with us as a client or Academy member, listen to our Driving Change Podcast, or read our Mind What Matters Blog, you know that the Braintrust team is dedicated to helping people communicate with more purpose, power, and impact.  It is a pleasure each day for us to deliver […]

How To Retain Your Employees During The Great Resignation

At Braintrust, my colleague recently wrote a blog about a misunderstood skill that will help anyone master any conversation – that skill is empathy. Today, we are going to look at this skill through a different lens so as professional communicators we aren’t just speaking it but living it! Over the last several months in […]

Relational Climate Change – No Longer Optional

The world is fighting for talent and what a mistake it is to lose talent based on having mediocre coaches in your organization. Just like climate change, we can impact the relational climate with our relationships, and the best part is…it can be taught. You can’t listen to the news without hearing about climate change […]

Master the Playbook – Situational Fluency

Over the years, our clients have asked us a very important question.  This question has been asked several different ways but they can be summed up with the following:  “How do I become more Situationally Fluent in my internal and external conversations with others?”  It’s a great question and my response is to actually ask […]

Psychological Safety – Free to Frozen

There are moments when I realize that a topic for a blog might come at the exact right time. Recently, I had several of our clients independently ask me questions about Psychological Safety and how it impacts performance including execution, and innovation. If you’ve ever thought about the impact of Psychological Safety on your team, […]

Purpose filled Credibility

When someone asks you about your personal strengths, do you describe communication as a top skill?  I was recently watching a YouTube clip from Warren Buffet, and he stated:  “Best investment you can make is in yourself and that the best gift you can give yourself is the ability to communicate.” In fact, he says […]

Conversation Curiosity

Like most Americans, I was introduced to the concept of “binge watching” over the past 18 months. This is the act of watching a documentary, comedy, musical, or full-length motion picture at any time and at a back-to-back pace.  If your family is like mine, we went back and watched classics like Harry Potter, awaited […]