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Do your customers see you as different?


Research says “no”

Be more memorable. Be more unique. Be more effective. Learn how neuroscience and visual storytelling can help you stand out and drive urgency to buy.

Your biggest growth obstacle is rooted in your lack of differentiation.

How do you earn the right to “solve the customer’s problem” when they don’t view you any differently than your competitors? Unfortunately, 86% of B2B buyers say they see “no real difference between suppliers.” Messages focused on product features and functions barely resonate.


Companies and sales professionals that connect with buyers on an emotional level see twice the impact of those still trying to sell based on features and function, and the most “connected” suppliers enjoy 31% greater revenue growth. 60% of buyers who feel a “high connection” are more likely to purchase, even at a higher price, from those brands versus competitors.


To look different, you need to sound different. You need to change the way you communicate in order to change the way your customers view you!

Barriers to Growth


72% of B2B Sales Deals end in ‘No’ or ‘No Decision.’ We believe there are common barriers to revenue growth across industries and company size.



86% of B2B Buyers see no real difference between suppliers.

Sales and Trust


Less than 33% of sales people are viewed as trustworthy.

Leverage the power of Neuroscience to overcome the top sales barriers and respond to sales trends by downloading the Neuroselling Executive Sales Brief.

There’s a science to decision making and creating urgency to change.

We believe that companies who understand and apply this science revolutionize their approach to their market and significantly outperform their competition. Messages are 22x more memorable when told through visual storytelling techniques. Visual Storytelling Sales Engagements lead to over 50% higher sales conversions


What if you could build genuine trust faster? What if you could use insights to driving urgency to change that actually engages and interests your customers? What if you could all but guarantee your customer conversation led to an actual desire to hear about your solution?


You can and we will teach you! Learn how to combine storytelling, science, and sales through one of our solutions below:

Sales is one of the most challenging professions on the planet. Wouldn’t it be great if you had an unfair advantage?  Learn how your customer’s brain is wired for decision-making and how you can craft compelling messaging that will inspire action and urgency to buy.

Our Solutions

In a highly competitive market, it’s not enough to merely have a great product or solution. You have to convey your value in a way that creates value clarity, urgency to change and clear differentiation. There is a scientific approach to how the human brain creates connection, builds trust, and makes a buying decision. Our solutions will help you:


  • Develop a “problem” centric vs. “product” centric message that drives an urgency to purchase.
  • Create a dialed-in strategy that connects your value with your target buyer’s issues.
  • Redefine how your customers view you and how your solution actually solves the problems your customers are facing.
  • Develop more compelling stories— and learn how powerful an emotional connection can be for your sales team and your brand.
For Individuals:

Live Training

For Individuals:

Online Training

For Organizations:


For Organizations:

Keynote Speaking