Improving Promotional Effectiveness in Life Science Brand Marketing

Effectiveness in promoting pharmaceutical products is a crucial focus for marketing and sales leaders in the life science industry. A quick search on Google yielded over 92 million potential sources of information on this topic. Here are key insights and factors I found during my research: Relevance: Messages must address the specific needs, concerns, and […]

Spotlight on Success

Growing up, I was exposed to a diverse background in both the theatre; as part of “The Dancing Dentinos” family act, and a corporate landscape marked by decades of sales leadership. With these, I’ve discovered remarkable parallels between the two distinct domains, so I wanted to take a look at the fascinating intersection between theatrical […]

Achieving Difficult Goals and Finding Pleasure in the Process

(or in Footballers’ parlance: Embrace the Suck…) It was August 15th, and I found myself in the midst of the familiar smells of the locker room, with its sounds of teammates joking around and coaches telling the veterans, “don’t forget, there’s a rookie out there who wants your position”. Yes, it was the first day […]

How Do You Drive Continuous Improvement In Your Life

Is continuous improvement or “life hacks” (per Wikipedia, life hacks are “any trick, shortcut, skill, or novelty method that increases productivity and efficiency, in all walks of life”) something that you pursue in life?  If not, maybe you should reconsider.  Besides the inherent value of improvement, you never know what unforeseen benefit you may stumble […]

The Scorpion and The Frog- Reloaded

There is an ancient fable (from 1500s Persia) where a scorpion asks a frog to help him cross a river.  The frog hesitates to oblige as he knows that the scorpion’s sting can be fatal, so the scorpion allays the frog’s fears by stating, “if I sting you, we will both die as I cannot […]

Mastering Analog Signals in a Digital World

When you think about many of your previous virtual call interactions, which one of these have you seen before? The VP crinkles his forehead at a comment.   An Engineer shifts awkwardly in a chair.   The HR Executive nods her head. The Sales Leader leans back and folds their arms When working with someone in person, […]

Is Your Organization Sending Hidden Messages

Workplace communication can be dramatically impacted not only by what is said but when and in what order it is said.   Many, if not most, companies offer employee programs, implement culture initiatives, and host team-building events. However, when it comes to meetings or company communications, do companies send hidden messages to their employees?   One of […]

Why Your Values Can Help Prevent Burnout

When you consider the idea of “resetting” or “a reset”, what does that mean to you? A few weeks from now, I have an opportunity to spend a long weekend at a Men’s retreat.  I have gone to one of these in the past and enjoyed it so much that I’m heading back, but this […]

Any Dream Will Do

At times, I’ve had people say to me something like, “dreams are soft” or “don’t make them a focus within coaching.”  I couldn’t disagree more.  So then why should we as leaders and coaches lean into dreams?  Here is a simple answer: They give us hope and they are worth pursuing. This past weekend, I […]

Why Understanding This Can Eliminate The Need To Discount Your Price

Early in my career, I had the privilege of living in Europe allowing me the opportunity to travel to parts of the world that I had always wanted to visit.  One of these locations was the country of Tunisia. I distinctly remember a trip to one of the local village markets, and the best way […]