Value Clarity: Beware of Knowledge Dumping

Mastering the Customer Conversation It’s hard to believe, but 30 years ago (this May) I was graduating from Miami University in beautiful Oxford, OH. After graduation, I had the fortunate opportunity at the age of 21 to enter the Pharmaceutical Industry as a territory manager. Have you ever received an opportunity where you felt the […]

New Year, New You? How Peloton Changed My Perspective

]Mastering the Customer Conversation On January 8, I received a great e-mail from Apple titled, “Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions – you’ve got goals for 2020. We’ve got apps that can help you reach them.” Thanks, Apple! Then I began to wonder why this email came out on January 8th instead of the last week […]

Purpose – Thanks Salvation Army

Mastering the Customer Conversation Do you ever think about how purpose is truly the backbone of your customers’ business? How much do we really know about what is at the core of their business or what is at the heart of the companies they serve? What drives their purpose?  This is our last blog of […]

Solutions – Who is the HERO in your customer conversation?

Mastering the Customer Conversation Ok, here it comes. If you go to the movies or turn on your TV, you know that it is holiday movie time. Potential blockbusters are hitting the theaters, and classic holiday movies seem to be on every channel. At a recent operations meeting within our office, we were discussing great […]

Anchors Away – How Your Subconscious Reference Points Drive Your Buying Behavior!

Mastering the Customer Conversation Hang on everybody. We are heading into the whirlwind of the holiday frenzy over the next 30 days. Sources report that the craziness actually begins in September! Let’s be honest, in the US, we really have two new non-official holidays in this country – “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday.”  The holiday […]

You’ve Got Problems? – Well, I’ve Got Watches!

Mastering the Customer Conversation If you have been to New York City at any point in your life, you can probably close your eyes and visualize the food and merchandising street vendors as you walk through the streets and maneuver around the traffic, beeping horns, smoke coming up from the streets, and the constant scaffolding […]

Objectives – The 6:00 AM Question!

Mastering the Customer Conversation Have you ever asked yourself a simple question? What does my customer think about every day at 6:00 AM when they are getting ready for or driving to work? How many of us have those sleepless nights where we keep running over all the things we have to do in the […]

The “My Why” Story

Everyone likes a good storyteller, right? As humans, we are drawn into a great narrative, and if executed correctly, great things can happen. What about in sales? Why not tell your customer a great story about someone other than yourself, in order to build trust along the sales journey? In this episode, Jeff discusses: The science […]