Ink Your Insights: A Stage Actor’s Secret to Mastery in Business and Life

How do you increase your emotional intelligence (EQ) with the frantic pace of business life, and its relentless flow of data, information, conversations, and meetings? There’s one straightforward, yet profoundly impactful strategy I’ve embraced, both during my tenure on the stage and in my business career: I call it “Ink Your Insights.” The Power of […]

Sages on Stages

The Harmony of Life: A Milestone Episode I recently had the privilege of producing the landmark 100th episode of the Driving Change Podcast, hosted by Jeff Bloomfield. In order to pull out all the stops for this episode, our team reached out to three of the most influential leadership coaches in all of United States. […]

Unlocking Effective Communication with Emotional Intelligence

In a world buzzing with digital dialogues and fast-paced exchanges, it’s easy to overlook the quiet power of emotional intelligence (EI). You may wonder, what makes EI so compelling, so essential to the art of communication? Well, pull up a chair and let’s navigate that very topic. In this blog, I want to go beyond […]

Bears, Dolphins, and Milk

What if a few simple stories could strengthen your ability to control your thoughts, allowing you to gain more power over your own mind? Embarking on a mental expedition through the intricate facets of emotional intelligence and problem-solving might seem daunting, but occasionally, the most extraordinary revelations come from the most unexpected connections. Today’s journey […]

Spotlight on Success

Growing up, I was exposed to a diverse background in both the theatre; as part of “The Dancing Dentinos” family act, and a corporate landscape marked by decades of sales leadership. With these, I’ve discovered remarkable parallels between the two distinct domains, so I wanted to take a look at the fascinating intersection between theatrical […]

Positively Outstanding

I need to tell you something… You are Outstanding! So, what you are probably thinking right now is, “How do you know I’m outstanding? You don’t know me.” You are probably correct, It’s more than likely I do not know you.  Regardless, I’m going to stand behind my original statement by saying again that you, […]

Mastering Analog Signals in a Digital World

When you think about many of your previous virtual call interactions, which one of these have you seen before? The VP crinkles his forehead at a comment.   An Engineer shifts awkwardly in a chair.   The HR Executive nods her head. The Sales Leader leans back and folds their arms When working with someone in person, […]

The Best Tip for Written Communication I Have Ever Learned

We all know that when communicating with someone in writing, punctuation is key to getting the correct message across!   For example: The difference between “Let’s eat, Timmy” and “Let’s eat Timmy” is startling! Which dinner invitation do you think Timmy should accept?   Communication is key in every aspect of our life. Yet, when it comes […]

Use This To Boost Your Sales Training

“The only thing worse than training your people and losing them, is not training your people and keeping them.”  Zig Ziglar Have you ever seen this famous quote by Mr. Ziglar?  While I agree with that statement 100%, have you ever purchased Sales Training for your people to then not see a lasting, measurable difference […]