Only 10% Of Sales Professionals Are Experts At This

Perhaps you’ve heard the quip, “We were given two ears and one mouth for a reason,”  It is such a well-known quote because good listeners are difficult to find.  How difficult you may ask, well according to Psychology Today, research shows that only about 10 percent of us are good listeners. Here is why this […]

The Two Elements Needed To Inspire Others

For those of you that partner with us as a client or Academy member, listen to our Driving Change Podcast, or read our Mind What Matters Blog, you know that the Braintrust team is dedicated to helping people communicate with more purpose, power, and impact.  It is a pleasure each day for us to deliver […]

Use This To Boost Your Sales Training

“The only thing worse than training your people and losing them, is not training your people and keeping them.”  Zig Ziglar Have you ever seen this famous quote by Mr. Ziglar?  While I agree with that statement 100%, have you ever purchased Sales Training for your people to then not see a lasting, measurable difference […]

How To Prospect for Leads Correctly on Linkedin

It is safe to say that the world we live in is becoming more and more digital. In fact due to Covid over 90% of B2B Organizations have transitioned to a virtual sales model but yet despite this 76% of Sales reps have reported that virtual selling is less effective than face to face*. (*McKinsey […]

This Misunderstood Skill Will Help You Master Any Conversation

Although I didn’t know it at the time, I started a “sales career” when I entered the fitness industry in my mid 20’s. I began my career as a personal trainer at a high-end fitness center on the Upper Westside of Manhattan, New York, and after many hours on the job I reached a master-level […]

The Formula for GREAT Questions

How do you create a GREAT sales question?  That’s easy…you intentionally structure the question so it shows understanding, a focus on them, and empathy. Over the last several weeks we have been dissecting Walt Whitman’s quote, “Be Curious, Not Judgmental” and how it pertains to Sales Questioning.  As we wrap up this series of blogs, […]

The GOOD Question Killer

Have you ever found yourself in a moment where you incorrectly judged a situation because you chose not to be curious?   Yep, me too.  I have also learned that prejudgment can come at a cost.   I remember a few years back I had a young woman interviewing for a telemarketing position at my old […]

Conversation Curiosity

Like most Americans, I was introduced to the concept of “binge watching” over the past 18 months. This is the act of watching a documentary, comedy, musical, or full-length motion picture at any time and at a back-to-back pace.  If your family is like mine, we went back and watched classics like Harry Potter, awaited […]

The Teeter-Totter- Balancing Live and Virtual Exchanges

 Have you noticed that people are back? As I was watching the PGA Golf Championship a few weeks ago, I was struck by the number of fans that were swarming around Phil Mickelson as he made history by becoming the oldest player in PGA history to win a major championship (let’s hear it for 50-year-olds). […]

The Impact Value of a Question

When you are preparing to meet with a new client, everyone has their own little rituals they go through prior to that sales conversation.  Some sales professionals take a few minutes to: focus on key points go for a quick walk or sit in the car listening to music to clear their heads,  shake their […]