Unlocking Effective Communication with Emotional Intelligence

In a world buzzing with digital dialogues and fast-paced exchanges, it’s easy to overlook the quiet power of emotional intelligence (EI). You may wonder, what makes EI so compelling, so essential to the art of communication? Well, pull up a chair and let’s navigate that very topic. In this blog, I want to go beyond […]

From Classrooms to Boardrooms – Part 1

Signing nurse passes.   “He’s looking at me weird!”  Complaining parents.   When we think of what classroom teachers go through on a daily basis, it may seem like their world is a million miles from what a typical corporate worker experiences.  At least, that was what I thought before I switched careers from a corporate leader […]

The Scorpion and The Frog- Reloaded

There is an ancient fable (from 1500s Persia) where a scorpion asks a frog to help him cross a river.  The frog hesitates to oblige as he knows that the scorpion’s sting can be fatal, so the scorpion allays the frog’s fears by stating, “if I sting you, we will both die as I cannot […]

Positively Outstanding

I need to tell you something… You are Outstanding! So, what you are probably thinking right now is, “How do you know I’m outstanding? You don’t know me.” You are probably correct, It’s more than likely I do not know you.  Regardless, I’m going to stand behind my original statement by saying again that you, […]

Virtually Disconnected

Most of us have adapted, quite impressively, to the virtual environment that we find ourselves living in today. Working remotely and connecting online for meetings, joining or hosting virtual calls via the technology of choice, and even conducting full company meetings online. (If you are still struggling with the new virtual etiquette check out last […]

Mastering Analog Signals in a Digital World

When you think about many of your previous virtual call interactions, which one of these have you seen before? The VP crinkles his forehead at a comment.   An Engineer shifts awkwardly in a chair.   The HR Executive nods her head. The Sales Leader leans back and folds their arms When working with someone in person, […]

How fitness can affect your sales performance

Sales is an endurance sport. It requires skill, mental acuity, psychological and emotional resilience, and without question, physical stamina. Some of the biggest challenges we face as sales professionals are mental and physical fatigue. I love my morning coffee(s) just as much as the next person but unfortunately, that cup of Joe can only take […]

The Best Tip for Written Communication I Have Ever Learned

We all know that when communicating with someone in writing, punctuation is key to getting the correct message across!   For example: The difference between “Let’s eat, Timmy” and “Let’s eat Timmy” is startling! Which dinner invitation do you think Timmy should accept?   Communication is key in every aspect of our life. Yet, when it comes […]

How To Turn Your Followers Into Sales

Perhaps one of the most overlooked revenue generating assets that your company isn’t leveraging to its fullest is its social media presence, especially within LinkedIn. While at a surface level, these platforms just look like a networking opportunity for Millennials and Generation Z to stay connected. The reality is though that the value of social […]

What does “No Thanks” sometimes really mean in Sales?

I was recently doing some shopping at a local “big box” store and while I was there, they were giving out free samples of various food items. Being one of those people who lives to eat (as opposed to those who eat to live), I usually do not miss an opportunity to stimulate my palate, […]