Effective Sales Leadership: Building and Leading High-Performing Teams

Sales Leadership In A Meeting

In the dynamic world of sales, the role of a leader transcends beyond just meeting targets and managing quotas; it involves building and leading high-performing teams that drive sustainable growth and develop a competitive edge. Effective sales leadership is the backbone of any successful business operation, especially in sectors where the pressure to perform is […]

Unlocking Effective Communication with Emotional Intelligence

In a world buzzing with digital dialogues and fast-paced exchanges, it’s easy to overlook the quiet power of emotional intelligence (EI). You may wonder, what makes EI so compelling, so essential to the art of communication? Well, pull up a chair and let’s navigate that very topic. In this blog, I want to go beyond […]

Why Vulnerability Leads to Likeability

A young mother walks into the room holding the tiny hand of her newly-waddling 18-month-old daughter. When this happens, what is our typical first reaction? Most of us will smile. An older gentleman is walking his black Labrador Retriever puppy, and the little dog strains against its leash to see you. What do we do? […]

From Classrooms to Boardrooms- Part III

This post is a continuation of the series started with Part I, here and Part II, here) In this series, I’m hoping to spread the word that we in the corporate world can learn from teachers and what they do every day, which I was forced to learn a few years ago when I switched […]

Doing this 1 Simple Thing Will Grow Your Business And Retain Top Talent!

It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone to find out that nearly every industry is facing an oversaturation of content and competition. Everyone’s piece of the market is getting divided up more and more, and it can get frustrating as a business owner to see your slice of the pie shrinking at the end of […]

Is Your Organization Sending Hidden Messages

Workplace communication can be dramatically impacted not only by what is said but when and in what order it is said.   Many, if not most, companies offer employee programs, implement culture initiatives, and host team-building events. However, when it comes to meetings or company communications, do companies send hidden messages to their employees?   One of […]

Why Your Values Can Help Prevent Burnout

When you consider the idea of “resetting” or “a reset”, what does that mean to you? A few weeks from now, I have an opportunity to spend a long weekend at a Men’s retreat.  I have gone to one of these in the past and enjoyed it so much that I’m heading back, but this […]

The Best Tip for Written Communication I Have Ever Learned

We all know that when communicating with someone in writing, punctuation is key to getting the correct message across!   For example: The difference between “Let’s eat, Timmy” and “Let’s eat Timmy” is startling! Which dinner invitation do you think Timmy should accept?   Communication is key in every aspect of our life. Yet, when it comes […]

How To Retain Your Employees During The Great Resignation

At Braintrust, my colleague recently wrote a blog about a misunderstood skill that will help anyone master any conversation – that skill is empathy. Today, we are going to look at this skill through a different lens so as professional communicators we aren’t just speaking it but living it! Over the last several months in […]

Relational Climate Change – No Longer Optional

The world is fighting for talent and what a mistake it is to lose talent based on having mediocre coaches in your organization. Just like climate change, we can impact the relational climate with our relationships, and the best part is…it can be taught. You can’t listen to the news without hearing about climate change […]