Spotlight on Success

Growing up, I was exposed to a diverse background in both the theatre; as part of “The Dancing Dentinos” family act, and a corporate landscape marked by decades of sales leadership. With these, I’ve discovered remarkable parallels between the two distinct domains, so I wanted to take a look at the fascinating intersection between theatrical […]

Achieving Difficult Goals and Finding Pleasure in the Process

(or in Footballers’ parlance: Embrace the Suck…) It was August 15th, and I found myself in the midst of the familiar smells of the locker room, with its sounds of teammates joking around and coaches telling the veterans, “don’t forget, there’s a rookie out there who wants your position”. Yes, it was the first day […]

Why Vulnerability Leads to Likeability

A young mother walks into the room holding the tiny hand of her newly-waddling 18-month-old daughter. When this happens, what is our typical first reaction? Most of us will smile. An older gentleman is walking his black Labrador Retriever puppy, and the little dog strains against its leash to see you. What do we do? […]

From Classrooms to Boardrooms- Part III

This post is a continuation of the series started with Part I, here and Part II, here) In this series, I’m hoping to spread the word that we in the corporate world can learn from teachers and what they do every day, which I was forced to learn a few years ago when I switched […]

Doing this 1 Simple Thing Will Grow Your Business And Retain Top Talent!

It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone to find out that nearly every industry is facing an oversaturation of content and competition. Everyone’s piece of the market is getting divided up more and more, and it can get frustrating as a business owner to see your slice of the pie shrinking at the end of […]

How Do You Drive Continuous Improvement In Your Life

Is continuous improvement or “life hacks” (per Wikipedia, life hacks are “any trick, shortcut, skill, or novelty method that increases productivity and efficiency, in all walks of life”) something that you pursue in life?  If not, maybe you should reconsider.  Besides the inherent value of improvement, you never know what unforeseen benefit you may stumble […]

Emotional Intelligence & Performance

Are we becoming more emotionally intelligent? Undoubtedly, we are becoming more Artificially Intelligent [thanks, ChatGPT], but how about EQ? When we listen, read, or watch the news, we can find strong evidence that we are, in fact, NOT becoming more emotionally intelligent. When we think of high-quality relationships and performance, how do we leverage decades […]

Positively Outstanding

I need to tell you something… You are Outstanding! So, what you are probably thinking right now is, “How do you know I’m outstanding? You don’t know me.” You are probably correct, It’s more than likely I do not know you.  Regardless, I’m going to stand behind my original statement by saying again that you, […]

Virtually Disconnected

Most of us have adapted, quite impressively, to the virtual environment that we find ourselves living in today. Working remotely and connecting online for meetings, joining or hosting virtual calls via the technology of choice, and even conducting full company meetings online. (If you are still struggling with the new virtual etiquette check out last […]

Any Dream Will Do

At times, I’ve had people say to me something like, “dreams are soft” or “don’t make them a focus within coaching.”  I couldn’t disagree more.  So then why should we as leaders and coaches lean into dreams?  Here is a simple answer: They give us hope and they are worth pursuing. This past weekend, I […]