From Classrooms to Boardrooms – Part 2

(This post is a continuation of the series started with Part I, here) In the first installment of this series, I reinforced the point that we in the corporate world can learn a lot from teachers and what they do every day, which was thrust upon me when I switched from a Fortune 50 management role […]

Emotional Intelligence & Performance

Are we becoming more emotionally intelligent? Undoubtedly, we are becoming more Artificially Intelligent [thanks, ChatGPT], but how about EQ? When we listen, read, or watch the news, we can find strong evidence that we are, in fact, NOT becoming more emotionally intelligent. When we think of high-quality relationships and performance, how do we leverage decades […]

How To Retain Your Employees During The Great Resignation

At Braintrust, my colleague recently wrote a blog about a misunderstood skill that will help anyone master any conversation – that skill is empathy. Today, we are going to look at this skill through a different lens so as professional communicators we aren’t just speaking it but living it! Over the last several months in […]

Windshield Coaching

Are you a leader? The “Mind what Matters” blog this week is targeted at anyone that has even one person that they are entrusted to lead and develop. Regardless of what industry you are in, what training you’ve had, or what your job description entails, if you are a leader this blog is for you.  […]